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Car Hire Destinations in Martinique

Car Hire Location in Martinique

Mar 1, 2013

Tipoa Car Hire Location in Martinique

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Martinique, also known as the “Isle of Flowers,” due to its numerous botanical gardens and lush flora is an overseas region of France as is the Guadeloupe archipelago .

Tourism has become a very important economic source on this Caribbean island, which it may surprise you to know, is part of the European Union and whose currency is the Euro.

Stunning beaches and exciting water sports are some of the offerings on the island of Martinique in the French Caribbean, including "haut cuisine" and the latest fashions as in Martinique French culture joined the exotic island lifestyle.

Great surfing can be practised at Presqu’île de Caravelle, but snorkelling and diving are the tourists' favourite activities.

The Museum of Vulcanology shows the activity of the Mont Pelée , which last erupted in 1902 and offers fantastic hiking and nature-watching along its slopes.

Pointe du Bout, on the bay of Fort de France, is the island’s main resort area, featuring golf, shopping and casino nightlife as well a very popular marina.

Some other popular marinas are Le François on the Atlantic in Sainte-Anne, and Port de Plaisance, in Guadeloupe.

The best time of year for sailing in Martinique is from November to April (dry season) and there is plenty of chartering offer.

The village of Carbet was home to the famous painter Paul Gauguin, a visit is recommended.

Tipoa offices are conveniently located where you need them at Le Diamant Novotel for example.

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As you can see from our iPhone APP locations map below, we have many locations on the island, including the Fort the France Airport.

The widest choice of vehicles and lowest rates are obtained when you book in advance with Tipoa online, at this website.

Perhaps this is your first visit to Martinique and want to know better it's towns, airport and resorts, why not download our free iPhone/iPad app
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The author of this article was Susan Tate.

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