Berlin - Airport - Brandenburg, Germany

Pick-up type:

Terminal rental counter and pick-up

Supplier details


Flughafen Brandenburg Term 1 2 Melli Beese Ring 1, Berlin, 12529, 0

Opening Hours
Sun10:00 - 23:00
Mon07:00 - 23:00
Tue07:00 - 23:00
Wed07:00 - 23:00
Thu07:00 - 23:00
Fri07:00 - 23:00
Sat08:00 - 20:00

Refundable Security Deposit: € 200

The Refundable Security Deposit is only a temporary hold on the accepted card. Return the car without missing fuel, fines or charges, and the deposit will be returned to your account. Once you return the car without toll charges, fines or missing fuel the deposit will be returned to your account.

Useful Information

Driver's age

25 to 99 years.

Customers who fall outside the age limitations will not be able to hire a car unless there is a young or senior driver fee specified in this section. Please note that if applicable, this fee will be included in the rental price and will be payable on arrival at the rental desk in the local currency.

Travel Restrictions

Taking your vehicle outside the country

International journeys outside Germany are permitted for certain countries but generally require prior approval by Avis/Budget.

If approved by Avis, a Cross Border Fee (CBD) is payable. This amounts to € 9.41 per day and maximum € 43,92 per rental.

If approval has been given, the following provisions shall apply:

What countries am I allowed to take the vehicle to?

You are only allowed to use the vehicle in the following countries:

Austria (A)

Andorra (AND)

Belgium (B)

Switzerland (CH)

Czech Republic (CZ)

Germany (D)

Denmark (DK)

Spain (E)

France (F)

Finland (FIN)

Liechtenstein (FL)

Great Britain (GB)

Hungary (H)

Croatia (HR)

Italy (l)

Ireland (IRL)

Luxemburg (L)

Monaco (MC)

Norway (N)

Netherlands (NL)

Portugal (P)

Poland (PL)

San Marino (RSM)

Sweden (S)

Slovakia (SK)

Slovenia (SLO)

Entries into France (F), Italy (l), Czech Republic (CZ), Croatia (HR), France (F), Hungary (H), Poland (PL), Slovakia (SK) and Slovenia (SLO) are not allowed for vehicles of car group F.

Porsche vehicles may be driven in Germany (D), Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH) only.

It is prohibited driving our vehicles into Albania (AL), Azerbaijan (AZ), Bulgaria (BC), Bosnia and

Herzegovina (BIH), Belarus (BY), Cyprus (CY), Estonia (EST), Georgia (GE), Greece (GR),

Iceland (IS), Kazakhstan (KZ), Kosovo (RKS), Latvia (LV), Lithuania (LT), Malta (M), Macedonia (MK), Moldavia (MD), Montenegro (MNE), Romania (RO), Russia (RUS), Serbia (SRB), Turkey (TR), Ukraine (LIA) and any country outside continental Europe.

Nor is it permitted to use our vehicles on the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Corsica, Crete and Sardinia.

Any infringement of or non-compliance with any of the above provisions shall entitle Avis/Budget to terminate the rental agreement without notice or to withdraw from the rental agreement. Claims for compensation by the renter are excluded in such a case. Avis/Budget's entitlement to compensation for any damage incurred as a result of the violation of any of the above provisions shall remain unaffected.

Can I buy a product to allow me to drive in other countries?

No, regrettably, we do not offer any products which enable you to drive in other countries.

Please note entries into France (F), Italy (l), Czech Republic (CZ), Croatia (HR), Hungary (H), Poland (PL), Slovakia (SK) and Slovenia (SLO) are not allowed for vehicles of car group F.