Answered on: April 26, 2018


Hi, i was looking the conditions to rent a car in Miami. I´m visiting US, not US resident. I´ve just realized that the conditions for US residents website are completely different. Why the CDW is included in the European site and not in the US resident side?


Not only is the US resident T&C´s different, but the rental rates are normally much higher! There are completely different set of rules for a US resident renting (especially insurance) as most Americans provide their own insurance from the car they privately own. So my advice would be, to check the prices as a Non Resident & Resident and go for the cheapest. Any insurance that may be required can be purchased online during the booking process with our partner AXA. If you select US Resident it will not offer you this. If you choose US Resident you can always buy insurance at the desk. When comparing prices etc… make sure you choose a different browser between your non US & US resident search , or clear history/caches.