Answered on: September 12, 2018


If i select "Rental Vehicle Damage Refund Insurance" does this mean this is full excess cover?


Yes. The extra insurance you may be offered online during the booking process is designed to reimburse the Excess you must pay under a Rental Agreement following an incident involving a Rental Vehicle. It also provides additional benefits, such as:- • Cover against the costs incurred as a result of You putting the wrong type of fuel into a Rental Vehicle; • Cover for replacing the locks and keys of a Rental Vehicle if the original keys are lost or stolen; • Cover against Administration Charges applied by a Rental Company which cannot be recovered following a claim which is covered by this insurance. • Cover for Your Personal Possessions damaged or stolen from the locked boot, covered luggage area or glove box of the Rental Vehicle. Please note that this insurance may not remove any requirement for You to pay a deposit or bond to a Rental Company at the time of collecting a Rental Vehicle.