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Nov 22, 2013
Fuel Policy of Spanish Car Hire Companies

Full Out / Full Return is possible with our spanish airport rental car suppliers.

There are a lot of complaints about Spanish car hire companies that are implementing the so called 'full/empty' fuel policy. In airport locations in particular vehicles are supplied with a full tank of petrol and should be returned empty. In this case you will be asked to pay for the fuel at the beginning of the rental and remember to return the car as empty as possible as the value of any unused fuel will not be returned.

The more preferred option is the 'full/full' fuel policy. Vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel and you can return it full so you do not get charged for the petrol. With this option you need to fill up the fuel tank in at a local petrol station near the end of your rental. Tipoa Car Hire can offer a full out / full return but the rental rate for the car may be considerably higher, but not as high as the premium amount charged for fuel by the full out and empty return suppliers. In the case of the FULL OUT/RETURN deal , you pay absolutely nothing for the fuel you get/use.

If you are hiring for 3 days or less, then FULL/EMPTY policy can in fact add up to an additional one day hire, as it adds approximately €50 - €65 on to the cost of the hire.

If your hire period is for 3 or more days, then the impact of the FULL OUT / EMPTY RETURN is not so bad, if you think you will use the initial full tank. Although they will still charge a premium figure for the starting tank of petrol.

If you are choosing a non airport location or a larger vehicle for example a VW Golf or bigger, then these cars usually come with a FULL/FULL policy and are supplied by companies such as AVIS and HERTZ.

It's a question of balancing the cheapest car hire price possible versus the best fuel policy.

Please be careful and read the specific terms and conditions applicable to your rental - as these can vary between suppliers, vehicles and locations. To do this, at STEP2 of our 3 step online booking process click on the link entitled ¨rate details¨ displayed on the right hand side of the photo of the car you are considering. This will open a smaller window and here it will say what the fuel policy is for this vehicle at the chosen location.

Click here for additional advice on our FAQ page

The author of this article was Uxia Olsson.

At STEP2 of our three step online booking process, you will see down the left hand side menu various filter options.

Click on FUEL POLICY to see what fuel policies are being offered at the location of your choice.

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